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A Gift to Show Him I Like Him


I met a guy at work. We're both in our mid-twenties but he's older than me. We hang out and talk a lot and have admitted to being attracted to each other, but we're not in a relationship. I was hoping he would ask me out but it hasn't happened yet. I was wondering if I should get him a gift to show him I like him? What would say, "Hey I like you and care about you," without being too overly lovey dovey and mushy? Any help here? Please and thank you!


Thank you for sharing your situation. It’s always a good idea to just be yourself in a relationship. That means that you can give him any gift that reflects who you are. You might think in terms of something that is meaningful to you. Some people like to make a photo album or write a poem. It’s also meaningful to just spend time talking and enjoying each other’s company.

The idea is to just be you and spend time with him. You might even consider telling him how you feel. Remember that gifts and holidays are nice, but what really matters in a relationship is that the people involved love each other and share their lives.