Relationship Questions and Answers

I Miss Being Friends with Him


I had a crush on this guy for a long time, we became friends and then my feelings grew. But when I told him how I felt a few months back he said he only looked at me like a younger sister. I was upset so I stopped talking to him. I've since gotten over him and I'm starting to date someone. But I miss being friends with him, and when I started to talk to him again, I feel him being distant, like he thinks I’m still into him and doesn’t want to lead me on. What should I do?


Thank you for sharing your situation. One positive way to re-establish a relationship is to talk with the other person without expecting a specific outcome. Take some time to think about what you want to tell him and then talk with him in a friendly way. Let him know that you’d like to be friends again if he’s open to it. Keep it brief and then let go.

Give him some time to think about it. You’ve done your part and it’s up to him to decide what he wants to do. If he comes around that’s great; if he doesn’t, you’re still a wonderful person and you can refocus your energy elsewhere. The idea is to just let him know how you feel and then give him the opportunity to decide what works for him.

You might also want to take some time to think about what you might do differently in the future based on this experience. Remember that you deserve to be in healthy relationships where you talk openly and treat each other kindly.