Relationship Questions and Answers

Relationships and the Party Life


I have a question on environment. We all have been told to surround ourselves with good people and I’m finding out now that sometimes it’s simply not an option. I feel that I’m not in the right environment to have a serious relationship. Most of my friends are college students and life seems to follow the sex, drugs, and rock and roll design. My question is how can you break away from the party life to find something of worth? I used to like that life and now want to find someone who will still be around after a year or two. How can I be a better person when it seems like everyone around me getting into things I want to get out of? You can’t drop everyone in life because they don’t see or feel the same as you so, what can I do?


Thank you for sharing your situation. It can be challenging to figure out how to move in a different direction in life but you can ask yourself some questions to clarify what kind of relationship you want and what you can do to make it happen such as:

  • What kind of people do I want in my life?
  • What are the characteristics that are important to me in a significant other?
  • How do I want to be treated and what kind of person would do that for me?
  • What kind of person am I and where do my behaviors lead me?
  • What kind of relationship do I want?
  • What environment would I need to be in to attract the kind of people I want to meet?
  • What is one thing I could do today to create the type of relationship I really want?

Moving your life in a different direction requires shifting your behavior so that you get different results. For example: If you behave like a party person you tend to attract people like that so the trick is to behave in other ways that lead in the direction you want to go. The great thing in life is that you get to choose what you do and how you behave. It takes time and effort to change the behavior patterns you’ve become accustomed to but, if you keep practicing, you’ll eventually become the person you want to be.

Remember that you deserve to live a life that helps you feel great about yourself and leads in a positive direction. You’re worth it.